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Description of KoGaMa

Kogama is an online universe that lets you play, create and share games alone or together with friends. Dive into racing, pvp action, or simply join a hang-out game to kick back with friends. Feeling creative? Invite your friends to start creating the next big game hit!

Already have an account? Log in with your existing Kogama account and play for free!

Explore millions of games created by users like yourself. Each game presents new challenges, goals and experiences! Play anything from action racing to laid back exploration games!

Super hero, angel or zombie broccoli? Build any avatar you want or browse a vast marketplace of avatars created by other users. There's even new accessories every day to spice up your creations!

Our users work together to create new games every single day. From Kogama classics to the latest and greatest, there's always something new to check out! Maybe your game is the next to attract thousands of players?

Kogama is absolutely free to play, but players can also purchase Gold to spend on avatars and accessories. Gold is also available completely for free, simply by playing the game.

We are always working on improving Kogama. Got any questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you for playing!

NOTE: Avatar/game creation requires a mouse and is currently only available in the desktop version of Kogama.




Version history KoGaMa
New in KoGaMa 2.30.1
Removed Vungle ad network
New in KoGaMa 2.28.6
General code maintenance.
Fixed several places that could cause disconnect or crash issues.
New in KoGaMa 2.27.10
Various stability improvements.
Fixed lag spike that sometimes occurs ~1 minute into the game.
Reduced impact of logic performance in play mode.
New in KoGaMa 2.27.8
Fixed several issues regarding not being able to join games.
Improved the revive feature.
Fixed UI issues that could cause tourists to get stuck in certain conditions.
New in KoGaMa 2.26.2
Fixed errors in tourist promotion.
Improved visuals of revive.
Improved game tier progress visuals.
Added continue button after revive so you can coordinate reviving more easily.
Fixed issue where remote players were visible during revive ad.
Fixed issues with game tier screens not appearing.
New in KoGaMa 2.25.14
Hotfix for revive feature. Update required to maintain compatibility with server.
New in KoGaMa 2.25.13
Added Revive feature. This allows you to watch an ad to revive at last 'safe' spot you stood on.
If you have any active boosters or are previewing a tier, this is automatically refreshed.
Rewrote large portions of tourist and registered user promotional popups.
Rewrote large portions of the respawn flow.
Boosters are no longer time limited, but expire once you respawn unless you use Revive feature
Fixed various minor bugs and text issues.
New in KoGaMa 2.24.7
Fixed bug where tourists would get double ads on death.
New in KoGaMa 2.24.4
Minor maintenance.
Refactor of tourist promotion.
Removed the access and items cards from the game tier shop.
Made first preview tier reward in a game ad-free.
Fixed minor performance issues.
Showing Elite promotion to registered users. Elite do not see this popup on respawn.
Fixed bugs in games that did not contain game tiers.
New in KoGaMa 2.22.2
Refactor of many different parts of the code base.
Fixed issue in games with classes when you enter play mode for the first time.
New in KoGaMa 2.21.1
Fixed bug in lobby state that could break your session.
Minor refactoring and code maintenance.
New in KoGaMa 2.14.10
Added so that Tier progression is shown when a player respawns.
Added so that a player can change Class and team from the Tier Shop Menu.
Added a play button and a Free Try button to individual Class element in the class selection menu.
New in KoGaMa 2.13.9
Fixed a join flow issue.
New in KoGaMa 2.11.11
Updated App Content target age to 13+
Fixed bugs and UI issues concerning the new Classes update.
Reworked tourist promotion.
New in KoGaMa 2.10.4
Integrated AdMob.
Update Android SDK.
Fixed issues regarding shutdown of process.
Deprecated Android x86 builds.
New in KoGaMa 2.8.9
Fixed various UI issues when viewing Rewarded Ads.
Fixed issues for non-registered users when watching interstitials.
New in KoGaMa 2.7.2
Fixed UI issues, such as game coin meter displaying the numbers with the incorrect offset.
Made boosters time-based.
Added UI elements to show you if you are currently affected by boosts.
New in KoGaMa 2.5.16
Fixed various bugs concerning UI elements.
Changed the welcome reward in Game Tier games to be a daily reward instead of a one-time thing.
Added the ability to double the welcome reward in Game Tier games by watching a rewarded ad.
New in KoGaMa 2.4.10
Fixed some crash issues when app is in background.
Added some optimizations that should improve UI performance.
New in KoGaMa 2.3.10
Fixed some crash issues when app is in background.
Added some optimizations that should improve UI performance.
New in KoGaMa 2.1.27
General Maintenance Update.
New in KoGaMa 2.1.18
General maintenance release.
New in KoGaMa 2.1.16
Fixed server issues, made game backwards compatible for upcoming releases.
Fixed issue where in some rare instances you would not receive your level up reward.
New in KoGaMa 2.1.6
Fixed connection issues.
New in KoGaMa 2.1.5
General maintenance of code base.
Fixed crash issue when playing time attack flag games.
New in KoGaMa 1.99.21
Added member benefits. Members can have the following: Increased xp boost and gives other players a small xp boost. Free access to themes. Free access to all materials. Can place non owned game objects from the shop. It is also easy to spot a member since they have a member badge next to their name in player lists, score boards and a frame on their level badge.
New in KoGaMa 1.99.7
Added new Frost Festival songs.
Fixed a bug when equipping accessories in the accessory shop.
Lowered resolution.
New in KoGaMa 1.99.4
Rewarding gold to users when they reach specific levels. This requires an account on the website.
Lowered download size of several streaming assets. This will help reduce crashes as well.
Changed the core menu-flow of the game. It should be more convenient and less disruptive when you respawn.
Fixed various UI bugs.
New in KoGaMa 1.98.11
Patched an issue caused by previous release.
New in KoGaMa 1.98.4
Stability improvements server side which prevents some disconnects.
Utilizing file caching to save on data usage.
Added a new soundtrack to the sound emitter objects.
New in KoGaMa 1.98.3
Stability improvements server side which prevents some disconnects.
Utilizing file caching to save on data usage.
Added a new soundtrack to the sound emitter objects.
New in KoGaMa 1.97.5
Fixed lighting issues.
Fixed layout in accessory shop.
Added accessory popup for certain highlighted accessories.
New in KoGaMa 1.96.3
Fixed issues regarding google play services.
Fixed layout bugs and inconveniences in player list and accessory shop.
New in KoGaMa 1.95.13
After reaching time-attack flag you now aren't immediately re-positioned to the start. Instead you see all the other scores in relation to your own and can start a new round whenever you like.
When starting a new round for the time-attack flag a countdown will start counting down when you start your next race.
New in KoGaMa 1.93.11
Release contains minor optimizations and bugfixes.
Deactivated heavy shader operations for android.
New in KoGaMa 1.92.10
Updated accessory rarity coloration
New in KoGaMa 1.92.9
Various layout fixes, and fixed bugs when buying bundles.
New in KoGaMa 1.91.14
Upgraded Unity Engine to a much later version.
New in KoGaMa 1.90.12
Fixed an issue where people buying gold packages through android would not receive them, but still be charged.
New in KoGaMa 1.90.8
Fixed issue with unavailable items that you owned, not appearing in the shop.
New in KoGaMa 1.90.4
Added new winning condition, TimeAttackFlag. The TimeAttackFlag works like the normal flag except it only resets the player which reaches it.

When the player with the best flag time from a team leaves the team by disconnecting or switching to another team the team loses his score and the next best score takes it's place.
New in KoGaMa 1.89.16
Fixed various reported bugs on the new accessory inventory.
Changed layout of a few of the buttons, and popups.
New in KoGaMa 1.89.14
Reworked the accessory shop and menu.
Accessories are now scale able in the accessory shop.
New in KoGaMa 1.85.16
Stars are now a team effort. If a player picks up a stars then all his team members will have that star picked up for them.

The ui now only shows the stats for the most prioritized winning condition. Priority order is as follows, flag, stars, kill, oculus kills.

Players/Teams can now tie if they have the same score on round end. Tied players/teams are displayed during the debriefing.
New in KoGaMa 1.81.6
Updated ad mediation and pluginsIntegrated new ad networks
New in KoGaMa 1.81.5
Made various chat improvements,Tap the current chat text to change chat channel.All/Team/Say(nearby chat)Chat bubbles will appear when receiving a say chat message.
New in KoGaMa 1.80.5
Maintenance release containing numerous bug fixes.Visible changes:Holster/drop tip is now shown when a weapon is picked up.
New in KoGaMa 1.78.5
New features:Added so that when the player rotates the camera the head will rotate with it.Added so that when the player presses the point button the player will start to point in the direction he was looking at.Added so that players can do different emotes by shaking the camera. Shaking the camera up and down will result in a head nod. Shaking the camera sideways will result in a head shake. Shaking the camera sideways while pointing will result in a wave.
New in KoGaMa 1.77.7
Improvements:Made smoke able to be customized in terms of color and size.Added a visual object in play mode for the point light.Changed enemies healtbars to a little less red as to not confuse them with the red team.Made fire able to be customized in terms of size and color.Added so that heal particles play whenever a player gets healed.
New in KoGaMa 1.76.7
Added various improvements to certain in-game objects.> Oculus can now have teams, enabling some allied NPC characters to help defend your base!> Water effects improved to make underwater ventures a little better.> Bazooka rockets explode at maximum range, instead of simply disappearing.> Respawning after being hit by an enemy recently will reward him with kill score towards the game's objective.
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